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3D Optoacoustic In vivo Imaging System

Model: LOIS-3D
TomoWave 3D photoacoustic in vivo imaging system is the only one on the market that can realize NIR-I and NIR-II (650-2300 nm) mouse whole-body 3D optoacoustic imaging system

Product description

The system can realize whole body 3D optoacoustic imaging of small animals in the NIR-I and NIR-II (650-2300 nm), which can mark high-resolution imaging of blood vessel morphology without labeling, and perform high-specificity functions on different tissue components detection, realizing multi-scale tracing and functional imaging of tissue structure, in molecular probes, biological nanomaterials, cardiovascular diseases (angiogenesis, myocarditis, thrombosis, myocardial infarction, etc.), hemoglobin monitoring, early detection of tumors and monitoring of therapeutic effects , Sentinel lymph node monitoring, brain imaging and brain function monitoring and many other biomedical fields have important application value.


Independent external high energy Nd: YAG tunable OPO pulse laser

Internationally recognized as the world's top manufacturer of high-energy Nd: YAG tunable OPO pulse lasers: EKSPLA (Lithuania).

Technical advantages:

1. True 3D full-field photoacoustic imaging system

2. Simultaneously realize NIR-I and NIR-II optoacoustic imaging, and provide 3D deep tissue optoacoustic imaging

3. Adopt internationally recognized global production of high energy Nd: YAG tunable OPO pulse laser manufacturer EKSPLA, wavelength range 650-2300 nm, continuously adjustable

4. Simultaneous excitation of 4 channels of laser beams (2 orthogonal, 2 oblique), can exclusively achieve full-body 3D acoustic imaging at 1064 nm

5. 3D space x-y-z and other directional resolution: 220 um

6. The imaging depth is greater than 4.5 cm @mouse

7. Sensitivity is better than 0.03 / cm

8. High imaging field of view 40 mm x 40 mm x 40 mm, which can realize 3D optoacoustic imaging of living brain and whole body)

9. The scanning speed is fast. Full body scan takes only 20 s at the fastest, and animal handling is convenient 


System Software

Dedicated LOIS-View 3D analysis software, LOIS-View3D software provides data reconstruction, analysis and 3D visualization, GPU accelerated reconstruction data, reconstruction time only 5 minutes, the operator can rotate and analyze the data set at any angle, automatic 2D and 3D match. It can perform morphological measurement, quantitative analysis of the signal intensity value of the ROI area, and can perform distance measurement functions, such as blood vessel distance and tumor volume measurement, specifically for photoacoustic imaging image processing, easy to operate, and a powerful visualization tool, suitable for analyzing any slice and 3D Volume segmentation can be used for in vivo biodistribution studies (especially for liver, heart, spleen, etc.).


Mouse Endogenous Contrast Agent Hemoglobin Whole Body Anatomy 3D Optoacoustic Imaging VS Micro-CT


Functional 3D optoacoustic imaging in mice: arteries / veins / kidneys:


3D optoacoustic imaging of mouse tumor


3D optoacoustic imaging of mouse brain blood vessels

3D optoacoustic imaging and dynamic analysis of gold nanorods


3D optoacoustic property test at 1064 nm of hollow gold nanorod solution with concentration gradient

LOIS-3D   systemcomponents

Imaging   mode

The device   can realize aNIR-I and NIR-II whole-body 3D optoacoustic imaging system

Laser   system

external   Nd: YAG high energy tunable OPO pulse laser with pulse energy up to 150 mJ

Excitation   wavelength range

680-1064nm   (optional 650-2300 nm), continuously adjustable

Pulse   duration

5 ns

Pulse   frequency

10Hzor 20Hz

Number of   laser beams

2   orthogonal, 2 diagonal


Arc array   detector with diameter 65 mm, 150 degree arc, electromagnetic shielding and   light impact protection coating containing 128 electronictransducers

Receiving   the ultrasonic signal

the   detector rotates 360 degrees (@ 2.4 / step)

Whole body   scan time

20s - 300s

Imaging   depth

>4.5 cm

Imaging   resolution

3D space   x-y-z iso-direction resolution: 220 um

Imaging   sensitivity


Imaging   field of view

40 mm x 40   mm x 40 mm, can realize 3D photoacoustic imaging of the brain and living body

DAQ data   acquisition

128   electronic channels

Animal   anesthesia system

Built-in mouse breathing device, special anesthesia system

Temperature   control device

Double digital temperature control unit, can set   the temperature of the water tank, temperature accuracy ± 0.1 ° C

Software   processing

Software for data acquisition, 2D / 3D image   reconstruction, 2D / 3D image visualization and image post-processing in 2D   and 3D operating modes

System   size

124.5 cm x 91.4 cm x 66.0 cm

System   supply voltage

210-240   VAC, 50-60 Hz

The system   supports current

10 Amp

Laser size

99.1 cm x   91.4 cm x 43.2 cm

Laser   supply voltage

220 +/- 20   V - 50/60 Hz

Laser   support current

8 Amp

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