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Pre-Clinical Micro-CT

Model: DELab μCT-100
DELab μCT-100 is the first microcomputer tomography scanner made in Taiwan. Except for X-ray tubes and imagers, all components and software development are designed and manufactured by the Delta team. The main application areas include new drugs and disease development In the field of preclinical animal experiments, agriculture, industry.

Nucleic Acid PrepStation

The Nucleic Acid PrepStation can be used with various magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction reagents to quickly extract DNA and RNA from animal and plant tissues, blood and body fluids

3D Optoacoustic In vivo Imaging System

Model: LOIS-3D
TomoWave 3D photoacoustic in vivo imaging system is the only one on the market that can realize NIR-I and NIR-II (650-2300 nm) mouse whole-body 3D optoacoustic imaging system